The Sunday Morning Cat Grass Experiment

Sunday morning we bring in the cat grass...

Finley (the dog) has already lost interest in the cat grass...

the munching begins... hmm, not bad...

Eddie's getting a little close, it must taste really good...

Mace is thinking, "Oh oh, Eddie's ON the cat grass"

"It's all MINE, none for you!" (notice Amelia wants nothing to do with this)
"if I look at you upside down you will go away from my cat grass!"
one final wap...

"uhg, Eddie has smashed the cat grass"

"another fist full for me"

It's probably time to take away the cat grass. Maybe another day.


  1. Love these pictures, your Eddie reminds me of one of my cats. They all have such different personalities. So fun to watch! Mace's so cute in the last picture, like "Jeez, can you believe this guy!"

  2. Your cats are so cute! Mine would have a field day if I brought in a plant. My inlaws gave us a small bamboo plant once and the cats totally destroyed it...and then spilled all the little pebbles from the vase EVERYWHERE. I think something like this would go over better... less mess. :)

    - Michelle

  3. Yeah, they're only allowed to have cat grass for 10 minute intervals! Otherwise Eddie would start digging in the dirt and pulling it out by the roots, lol. He's 9 months old, so he's still kinda crazy. Other than that, we only have hanging plants, very HIGH hanging plants:)

  4. Hahaha! Too cute! I love the photos of Eddie on the grass.