Pyrethrum... the insect repelling daisy

Spring is here... finally! Time to plant some flowers and make sure your pets are current on their flea and tick control. Well, did you know you can naturally deter insects from your pets, home, patio, garden and yourself with daisies?

In certain types of daisies, there is a chemical known as pyrethrum that repels many insects. These two types of daisies, the Persian Daisy and the Dalmation Daisy, have been used for centuries to deter mites, ticks, fleas, aphids, even lice. As long as the plant is not ingested, it is a very safe, environmentally-friendly and effective insecticide. In fact, many commercial insecticides contain pyrethrin, which is derived from daisies containing pyrethrum.Commercial brands, unfortunately, have changed the chemical make-up of pyrethrum and added other chemicals to their products, making them not-so-desirable around pets and children.

Dalmatian and Persian Daisies and are bright, hardy, and easy to grow in sun or partial shade. They are also beautiful in your home as cut flowers.  Their best color comes in June, however they are almost always flowering. I plan to plant the Persian variety this spring on the perimeter of my garden, and near, but not too close to my dog's area of the yard. And, because they're perennial, they'll come back for years to come! Less work for me : )

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  1. Mother nature is pretty amazing isn't she!